Tom Brady Honored on Cover of Madden 18

Tom Brady Honored on Cover of Madden 18

Tom Brady Honored on Cover of Madden 18

​The release of a new Madden will never not be news. 

People spend so much time following little story lines about Madden. Just look at last year. ​Von Miller wore specially designed cleats to honor the prestigious rating of 99 he received last year. ​Dez Bryant had a complete meltdown about his rating. It doesn't just matter to the fans. It matters to everybody. 

While there are always smaller pity stories about player ratings, nothing is bigger than the decision of who to place on the cover. Some are overjoyed, while others cower in fear about the decision. This year was especially important, because it's the first time an animal will ever be featured on the cover. 

The G.O.A.T edition is a nice touch. 

This cover actually does feature a number of firsts for Madden. Brady is the oldest player to ever be on the cover, and this is the first time players on the same team have been on the cover back-to-back years. 

Honestly, this is the best thing to happen to happen to the other 31 teams. Trusting the other rosters in the NFL simply isn't enough to take down the Pats. They need a little bit of voodoo on their side. 

We've seen the Madden curse take down dozens in the past. Can it take down the GOAT?