Become A Sports Reporter

If you've got a passion for Sports, and a yearning to write about it - this is your opportunity. This position is unpaid, which...we, but it's ideal for someone who wants to build a portfolio of work to turn into something bigger long-term. With several investors already, we're hoping that Sports News Addict is that *something bigger* for you, but you could also use this chance to hone your skills and write about the game you're passionate about.

This opportunity is for someone who cares about sports, loves telling smart, compelling stories, and has a knack for finding original angles on the biggest stories in sports.

The sports reporter will:

  • Write about a wide range of sports.
  • Cover major events like the All Star Games and Championship Games.
  • Have an opportunity to cover many sports and leagues, such as NBA, MLB, NFL, and more.
  • Write several succinct posts a week while simultaneously working on longer features.
  • Occasionally cover important sporting events on nights and weekends.
  • Be a strong writer, love sports, and have an understanding of digital media.
  • Have knowledge of a wide variety of sports is an asset, as is experience with social media and basic photo editing skills.

Interested? Submit an email to with which sport and/or team you would like to cover.