VIDEO: Disabled 4-year-old's mom speaks out after fan calls her son 'retarded' during Yankees game

The mother of a 4-year-old disabled boy is speaking out after footage of her son being berated during Tuesday's New York Yankees game went viral.

Angelica DiMarco says her 4-year-old son Luciano has sensory issues and doesn't understand social cues, which may explain why he could have acted unruly at the Yankees-Reds game Tuesday night. The developmentally disabled boy wears a helmet to stop him from banging his head.

"He may have kicked a man's seat that was sitting in front of us with excitement," she told News 12

In a video that has been seen hundreds of thousands of times on Facebook, a fan calls the boy "retarded" and berates him. 

What made the situation worse for Angelica was not getting any help from Yankee Stadium security.

"We asked for a place for him to go. We were told if we leave the stadium, we can't come back in," she says. 

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originally reported by News 12